10 Facts About Cockroaches

Did you know that cockroaches can live up to one week without a head?

This is due to the fact that cockroaches breathe through tiny little holes in their body, but due to the fact it can’t feed or drink, this is what typically causes death

There are over 4000 species of cockroaches in the world

Only a handful are known to most people, in the UK, the most common are German cockroaches, Orientals and the brown banded

Cockroach eggs are encased in an ootheca

These are typically small waxy cases that can typically hold around 30-40 eggs at any one time, usually hatch after around 30-50 days

Female cockroaches can reproduce without males

Certain species of cockroaches can actually reproduce without a male, cockroach infestations can spiral out of control, which then results in large infestations, The process is called Parthogenesis

Cockroaches can grow up fast

Certain species of cockroaches can grow extremely quickly, for example German cockroach nymphs can reach adult size in as little as 2 months! 

They are one of the oldest species of insects

Cockroaches can be traced back to their ancestors to over 300 million years ago, this makes them even older than when dinosaurs roamed the earth all that time ago!

Cockroaches do like a drink or two.

While you’re not going to be inviting them to the pub with you, these insects are more attracted to the sugars that are found in alcoholic beverages and beer

Move over Usain Bolt, there’s a new champ in town

While some species of cockroaches are quite small, they are in fact extremely quick, in some instances they’ve been seen to run up to 3mph! Not bad for something measuring 30-50mm!

Family Matters

A group of cockroaches is called an intrusion, these insects are also very sociable with some even have an established hierarchy, scientists are also lead to believe that they also have their very own personalities!

Are those wings?

While most species of cockroaches have wings, most are not good at flying at all, they would typically use them as gliders moving from from level to another, hence why you don’t really see cockroaches flying around!

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