Ant Control

Garden Ant or Common Black Ant

black Garden Ant2mm – 3mm, shiny black, elbowed antennae, large head, slender thorax. Colonies can have a wide range of locations often in close proximity to human buildings often entering them to forage for food. There can be thousands of ants in a nest. In late summer winged male and female ants leave the nest to mate. An integrated approach is used to control black ants.


Pharoah Ants – Tropical Ants
Workers up to 2mm, queens 3.6mm, males 3mm. They are a pale straw colour with darker head and abdomen and have noticeably black eyes, the males are black and have wings. The Pharoah ant prefers to nest in warm (25 ۫C), humid (80%) areas, near to sources of food and water such as wall voids and under floors. Colonies are normally very large. When they become too large a young queen and a number of workers will leave to find an alternative site known as ‘budding’ the new colonies are known as satellite nests. Colonies can be between 50,000 – 1,000,000 strong. Like other non native species, tropical ants such as the Ghost Ant and the Argentine Ant, need several visits using professional baits to eradicate the colony.