Flea Control

Dog Flea / Cat Flea


2mm-3mm long and brown, eggs 0.5mm long oval and pearly white, eggs hatch after ten days. The cat or dog flea larvae grow to a length of 5mm. The flea larvae feed on organic matter such flakes of skin.

Often found around pets and their bedding. Fleas can jump and humans are often bitten on the lower areas of their body which can be of serious irritation to the person. Fleas can suddenly appear in vacant properties that previously had animals in them as any human activity can stimulate the adult to emerge from the cocoon.

Preparing a room for a flea treatment can involve thoroughly vacuuming the room, especially around the edges and under furniture. The contents of the vacuumm cleaner or bag will need to be carefully disposed of by using two bin bags. As the contents will contain adult fleas, eggs and larvae.

Pets will often need to be treated along side any pest control treatments.